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There is a kid named Tyrelqueetonquayquay and he is an alien. He lives on a new world called Jerjums. Tyrelqueetonquayquay likes food and is very fat. He has many pets. Such as, rocks and dirt. he has little rocks,big rocks,black dirt, red dirt, and blue dirt. He is the only one on his planet because hes too fat for other people to be there. He pees every 5 minutes and poops every 5 years. His president is a star that he named corn. He would like to sing and dance but is to fat. This is his life dont judge him!! He gets lonley sometime so he eats more food. He weighs 1000 pounds. But then some strange dot came flying in from the sky and landed on his foot. A little woman came out of a tube and said, "hi, im alabekalishanaynay." They lived together and had a geat life. Alabekalishanaynay died because she wanted some of Tyrelqueetonquayquays food. He killed her by eating her. he is so fat. his dream is to some day be the nicest person in the world but he has no friends anymore so he must train with his rocks. soon he will be happy and thin.  he will become a popstar and live in hollywood as soon as he gets of this planet. hope you enjoyed come back later for more with tyrelqueetonquayquay!
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